Your Input Controls Your Output

I was sat trying to come up with a really catchy title for this post, some kind of play on words maybe, a sarcastic take on what sounds like a boring nerdy, logically phrase.

Until I realised it pretty much is what it is, those 5 words are probably the truest, most logical and in a strange way, most inspiring words I could write.

“ Your Input Controls Your Output “

This can be applied to any given situation, any goal, dream, aspiration or challenge.

In the case of positive input, you, your kids and your family can achieve anything they want.

You have heard people say you get out what you put in? Yes?

You have a goal

I want to be a better version of me (this is a little vague, so hopefully you can be more specific)

* A Better Parent
* More Spiritual
* Have more structure in your day to enhance your focus etc
* A Diet
* A Marathon
* A Tough Mudder

Then only buy controlling your input can you achieve the desired output. But, how do you do this I hear you ask. Well that comes from making small but significant changes over a given period of time. I’m going to use a Marathon as an example, a few years back I was close to 16st and the only exercise I got was walking the fridge.

I started small with a couple of PT sessions in my house, upgraded to the gym, then started running outdoors. I made small changes to my diet along the way and started to read up on diet and nutrition.

After 16 weeks I had lost over 4 stone, reduced my waist size by over 6 inches and had ran my 1st half marathon.
Hell Runner

My runs started at 2 miles, then 5 mile, 7 mile, then added at least a mile a week for the remaining weeks. Small increments, steady pace, consistent training. To date I have ran 6 Tough Mudders, 1 Hell Run, I ran up Snowdon in 1hr 24 mins, (The Largest Mountain in Wales) and I have ran 3 full Marathons.

How have I done this, by controlling what goes in to my mind and my body. Through small changes that make a big difference over time. The logic can be used for anything. One change ignites the desire for another, and another and so on.

The desire spreads as soon as you see results and you feel your mind and body changing. Your body changes because of the training and the diet, your mind will change as soon as you start to feel difference in your mood and emotions. There is an unexplained buzz that comes from physical exercise that you get from nowhere else.

Don’t believe me, make the changes you keep telling yourself you want to and see what happens.

Is it hard work? Hell Yes!
Will it hurt? Probably!
Will you be a better person at the end of it! Guaran-dam-tee it!

I pride myself on being a good example to my kids, I show them that if they work hard they can achieve anything they want but this doesn’t come without sacrifice and commitment. They know I get up at 4 am to workout, they know I sometimes have to work long hours in the office. They also know that when I am with them they are my 100% focus, we play outside, run, cycle and play football together. We paint, play board games and video games together, and every week we have a ‘cheat meal’ tea and watch a movie. Together as a family.

My ‘input’ my ‘why’, the reason I workout to feel good and work hard to earn money is to prove for them and so the time we spend together is the best it possible can be.

Now its your turn, comment below with your ‘input’ your ‘why’ and let us know how you stay focused and committed to your goals.

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