ACR Meet Nic Morgan

ACR Meet Nic morgan

Founder of Creative Pie Films

Nic Morgan

On this weeks show we talk to Nic Morgan of Creative Pie Films. We talk creative freedom, drones, Rob Schnieder and so much more. Why Nic is so in love with the moving image and how it has ‘tainted’ his movie-watching experience.  Nic gives his tips on how to start out in video if its new to you or your business and how mobile has changed the video landscape.
We also get his views on clean polished video content vs insta story ”real life” video?

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ACR Meet Mike Winnet

ACR Meet Mike Winnet

The UK's #1 Demotivational speaker

Mike winnet


In this weeks episode we chat to Mike Winnet the UKS #1 Demotivational speaker. What is a demotivational speaker you ask? Well take a listen and find out.
We chat to Mike about his views on the market of motivational speakers, why they dont work and on occasion they can actually do more harm than good. How the influencer lifestyle is not really a lifestyle and more of a false reality, and much more.

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ACR Meet Col Skinner Owner at Profoundry

ACR meets Col Skinner

Owner of Profoundry & Graft

Col Skinner


This week we chat to Profoundry owner Col Skinner. In 2014 Col quit his agency manager job after 6 years of being agency and client side. He then started his own consultant business focusing on training, audits and delivery of campaigns then quickly moved into a focus in paid media ad setup and management. Now he has 3 support staff and has been running his own business for 5 years. He also started last September as a side passion project. Col is passionate about self employment and freelancing.
You can see Col’s other media features here:

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ACR Meet Charlie Casey

ACR meet Charlie casey

Loyalty Lion CEO

Charlie Casey

In this weeks episode we chat to LoyaltyLion CEO Charlie Casey. We talk about Charlie starting his journey at a very young age to how LoyaltyLion came to be. Charlie walks us through his entrepreneurial story and the lessons he has learnt along the way. He talks about innovating within his business and how its OK to try new things and how to recognize when they are, more importantly, are not working.


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ACR Meet Ben Harrington

acr meet ben harrington

Owner of Truffle Shuffle media

Ben Harrington


Welcome back to another episode of ACR Radio, this week we are back on the email, talking to Truffle Shuffle Media’s Ben Harrington. We talk content strategy, personalisation, the relevance of real world content and how, if you are not already sending emails, to get up and running, and really see the benefit of staying in touch with your customer base.

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ACR Meet Lisa Maynard Atem

ACR meets lisa maynard-atem

Founder of the social word

Lisa Maynard-Atem

We are back again with a new episode of ACR’s podcast, this week we are chatting to Founder of The Social Word Lisa Maynard-Atem


What can I say about Lisa, she started out as a stylist who launched her blog and social channels to get active in a new and emerging space, a few years later she is responsible for the social channels of the most luxurious brand in the world Harrods. She took Harrods from a 0 to over 1+ million Instagram followers in her time there. Lisa has now spread her wings again and is embarking on a new chapter of her digital journey and we talk all about it. 


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ACR Meet Tink Taylor

aCR Meets tink taylor

President of dotdigital engagement cloud

tink Taylor

Welcome to the first episode of the ACR Radio, in this episode we tell you what you can expect from us in our new show and we get to chat to Dotmailer Founder and President Tink Taylor.

Tink Taylor founded Dotmailer in 1999, with over 20 years experience within digital communications. Serving as a member of the UK Direct Marketing Association’s Email Marketing Council and the Internet Advertising Bureau, Tink has judged the email, mobile and agency categories at the UK DMA’s awards for over half a decade. In 2014, Taylor was elected as Advisory Committee Member of the Board of the US Direct Marketing Association’s Email Experience Council. Tink first launched Dotmailer in the US at the end of 2012 and later took Dotmailer to APAC in 2015. Tink has also recently announced that he will be a judge at this years BMW i UK.


Follow Tink Taylor on Instagram @Tink.Taylor  and find out more about Dotmailer here

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Get Your Voice Heard

get your voice heard

the rise of voice assistants

How do siri, bixby and alexa play a roll in your business

Alexa, Google Home, Home pod, Siri, Bixby I could go on but the point is voice assistants are growing at an exponential rate . They are becoming more intuitive, more contextual and a lot more mainstream than they where even 18 months ago, but how can brands start to make voice work for them, how can you take this emerging technology and really produce benefits for your business and your consumer.

Customer service and dynamic FAQ solutions is one area where I see voice making the biggest impact on retail, to get market share and really build traction in the industry. Voice commerce is such a unique proposition because it is the ultimate convenience. You ask, you get, done. No app to open, button to click, device to switch on.

“Alexa – Insert request here” (I should include – other voice devices are available)

That said voice is also at its infancy and a lot of development in the area is needed, how many times have you threw three or four requests at Alexa or Bixby and you still didn’t get what you asked for, simple things like ‘Call Mum’, or ‘skip this song’ commands that these devices are sold on.  

So where do you start with a voice commerce presence?

With the consumer and the problems they face, what are the queries you see from customers over and over? What are you customer service team dealing with on a daily basis? Do you get a lot of queries that are costing more than they are worth?


Start simple (or as simple as you can make it), Customer service and dynamic FAQ solutions are where I would start. Let your customers ask Alexa, Siri or Bixby the questions they want answering about your business. 

Can I return online orders instore / How long does standard delivery usually take / Can I order click and collect to postcode X1 YZ2 

The challenge with voice will be you have to educate your customer, evolve your solution and stay ahead of the curve with developments, all at the same time, you will however get more learnings about customer habits and what your customer really wants from you as they will ask questions to there voice assistant that you could easily miss on a daily basis. 

How do you see voice evolving over the next 12 months, do you see if as a viable option for your business or are you not even thinking about it right now? 

Let us know in the comments below… 

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Email is dead, and The Force isn’t real (or is it?)

Email is dead

and the force isn't real

In a galaxy far far away...

Have to start this one of apologising to all the Star Wars fans who opened this annoyed. Read on I promise it will turn out ok.
So let’s start at the beginning
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Ray Tomlinson is hard at work putting together the final touch on what would revolutionise the world as we know it. (Ray would later be known as the inventor of email, creating amongst other things the now-iconic @ symbol)


Email has since had its ups and downs it’s “New Hopes”, “Returns” (as if like a Jedi), and it’s “Awakenings” (See what I did there).
But with all of theses highs and lows it’s always been a “Force” to be reckoned with in the marketing arena. What it has sometimes lacked is a customer friendly approach. It sometimes got a bad reputation as a tool for mass marketing and hoping for the best. Spreading the dark side if you will, and hoping to turn at least one unsuspecting victim into a trooper.
What has happened over the last few years is “The Force has awakened” and email has a new customer-centric approach, it is now on the side of the rebellion, wanting to provide the best possible experience for the end user, giving them personalised recommendations and real time product updates. It wants to help the customer find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible.
For 90% of my clients email is always in the top revenue drivers every month, it sits in the top traffic generating channels with automations and personalisation are leading the way.
What your email needs is a someone to Luke (Skywalker) after it, to understand its behaviour, to know what you need to make it work.
As Obi-Wan once said (on email automations)
Well, if droids could think, there’d be none of us here, would there?”
 So with that I don’t believe email is dead and I do believe in the power of The Force. Yes I have made every weak, cheesy cliche I could think of and no I’m not sorry (I had a chuckle writing this).
In closing (and all seriousness) email can work in your favour and provide real time, relevant and engaging customer content. It can provide a positive ROI for your business and has great potential


And May the 4th be with you
Happy emailing
As Yoda once said No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.

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A Great Morning Starts The Night Before

I wanted to start by talking about evening routines and how they play a pivotal roll in setting you up for a better, healthier, more productive, stress free day. (Did I include enough reasons to keep reading there? I hope so…)

What sparked this post were all the articles I have read lately about having a morning routine (often refereed to as rituals or habits, depending what your reading). Now I am a firm believer the more you plan your morning the better your day will be, but before you can have a stress free morning, you need to do a little prep in the evening.

If your anything like me mornings are tough, I’m either up at 4 am to hit the gym or my wife and I are wrestling with our two young kids trying to get them ready for school and to eat up all there breakfast (it is the most important meal of the day).

Now I need a full glass of water and at least 1 (sometime 2) cups of coffee before I’m in any frame of mind to function in the morning, regardless of the tasks I’m doing. I have never been a morning person and I still struggle from time to time. 

So with that in mind here are a few things I do as part of my evening routine, that significantly reduce the stress of a morning.

  • Prepare tomorrow’s breakfast — I’m a huge fan of morning oats at the minute, read more on them here (my kids are jumping on the bandwagon now to which is a huge bonus) 
  • Prepare lunch’s / snacks for the day
  • Prepare your clothes / gym kit / school uniforms
  • Know what training I’m doing (weights / cardio / intervals — this is driven by the events I have coming up)
  • Check my tasks for the next day (just to give myself a heads up) — I have recently started weekly reviews and having a view of what commitments I have for the week, both personal and professional is beyond helpful.
  • Know when its time to switch off.

 — All my tech is switched off and away at least 30 mins before bed time, TV too.

So now your thinking, yeah I can do all these things but what do I get out of it?

  • A better nights sleep — you are perfectly prepared for the next day (limited number of surprises)
  • When you wake up you go straight into auto pilot. No more, remember this or that at the last minute
  • You are less stressed, everything is ready for you to hit your day on the best foot possible
  • You know where your focus needs to be and thats where you aim it.
  • Routines mean you can track your goals a lot easier.

Its funny how your routines will also effect the rest of the house, I have started to get the kids involved in some of these things. Starting with simple tasks like

  • Getting the there own school bag ready (PE Kits , homework bags) 
  • If they are at there Nan’s after school get the toys they want to take ready to go
  • Get there uniforms together so mum or I can have it ready for the morning

We have seen a lot of benefits to this and it gets the kids thinking about what they have on in school, is it PE day, is it the day they have to return there homework etc … 

Now its up to you. Try these tips and see the benefits for yourself. Keep your routine as short as possible, short means doable, and more importantly it wont put you off. (Would you rather a 2 hr routine or 30 mins?)


Comment below and let me know how you get on…